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Explore how the Canadian Business Aviation Association (CBAA) can serve as a catalyst for growth and success within your aviation enterprise. Our mission is to be the voice for business aviation in Canada.

Membership Dues

Membership fees are based on the type of aircraft or business activity.

Why Choose CBAA Membership?

  • Advocacy: As a member, you will have a direct line to regulatory advocacy, ensuring your concerns are heard and addressed at the national level. We actively engage with government bodies and regulatory authorities to shape policies and standards that support safe, efficient, and responsible operations.
  • Knowledge Exchange: CBAA is committed to empowering members with industry insights, best practices, and resources and tools to excel in their operations. Gain access to subject matter experts, webinars, and conferences to stay informed.

  • Networking & Collaboration: Forge valuable relationships, collaborate on projects, and share wins and challenges with peers through our chapter meetings, member directory and more. These connections foster new business opportunities and partnerships, enriching the industry's collective impact.

  • Safety Excellence: CBAA plays a pivotal role in promoting safety standards and operational best practices within the business aviation community. Benefit from resources and programs to ensure your operations are conducted safely and efficiently.

  • Sustainability: CBAA is engaged in initiatives aimed at reducing the environmental impact of business aviation by lowering carbon emissions, creating a tangible and immediate positive impact on the industry's environmental footprint. 

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CBAA Members

At CBAA, we understand the unique challenges and aspirations of businesses like yours in the business aviation sector. CBAA serves as the unified voice for the Canadian business aviation community, comprising approximately 400 companies and organizations, including operators, management firms, and suppliers.

  • Aircraft Owners: Companies/organizations who own one or more aircraft for business purposes.
  • Corporate Flight Departments: An enterprise which operates Canadian registered aircraft as an aid to conduct their business
  • Flight Management Companies: Organizations that provide aviation services such as aircraft management, charter services, and flight planning.
  • OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers): Companies that design, manufacture, and sell aircraft and aviation-related equipment.
  • Major Industry Suppliers: Suppliers of goods and services to the business aviation industry, including technology, avionics, maintenance, and more.
  • Government: Regulatory agencies and governmental departments.

CBAA Membership Benefits



A company or individual who owns or operates an aircraft registered in Canada to support their business needs. 


A company whose business is involved inbusiness aviation activities.


A company that owns or operates aircraft exclusively registered outside of Canada


Access to
  • N/A
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Experts Access
  • Economic Impact Study
  • List employment opportunities on the
    CBAA Job Board
  • Publish your press releases and important
    company announcements on CBAA’s website news and within our weekly
    e-news bulletin
  • Join the Industry Partner Program, As a member in good standing, you can participate by offering CBAA members discounts or special benefits. By joining,
    you could also be selected as a "Feature Partner," gaining exposure through logo displays on CBAA's homepage slideshow, showcases in CBAA's weekly e-news bulletin, and acknowledgments on CBAA's social media channels.

  • Economic Impact Study
  • Flight Operations Slack Group
    • Connect with industry professionals and critical information. A tool to build a more robust targeted operations updates and communications to CBAA's operator members allowing for open dialogue, experience, and questions
Exclusive Discounts
  • Gain access to exclusive discounts through our Industry Partner Program which includes benefits such as discounted;
    • Training
    • Insurance
    • IBAC Crew cards
    • Products and Services
  • Enjoy discounted pricing for Canada's largest business aviation exhibit and static display at CBAA's Annual Convention & Exhibition. Showcases your products and services while reaching a wide audience.

  • Gain access to exclusive discounts through our Industry Partner Program which includes benefits such as discounted;
    • Training
    • Insurance
    • IBAC Crew cards
    • Products and Services
Professional Networking

Member Directory
  • Company Listing in CBAA's Online Member Directory: Put your name in front of the business aviation community year-long with a complimentary listing in CBAA’s online member directory, including full company details and listing under selected business categories.
Complimentary Subscription

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Becoming a member of CBAA, you will not only elevate your business but also contribute to the growth and success of the Canadian business aviation community.

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