Who We Are

The Canadian Business Aviation Association (CBAA) is a non-profit association formed in 1961 as Canada's voice for business aviation. Since its inception, CBAA has assumed an increasing role in its advocacy for Canadian business aviation interests.

With a membership of approximately 400 companies and organizations, including operators, management companies an suppliers, CBAA represents the entire business aviation community with a unified and collective voice.


To be the voice for business aviation in Canada.


The Canadian Business Aviation Association (CBAA) is dedicated to serving as the unwavering voice for business aviation in Canada. Our mission is to advocate, represent, and champion the interests of the Canadian business aviation community, ensuring its sustained growth, success, and positive impact on the nation's economy.

We strive to foster a vibrant business aviation ecosystem by promoting collaboration, innovation, and excellence within our industry. Through proactive engagement with government bodies, regulatory authorities, and key stakeholders, we actively shape policies, regulations, and industry standards that support the safe, efficient, and responsible operation of business aviation in Canada.

The CBAA is committed to facilitating knowledge exchange, sharing best practices, and providing educational resources that empower our members to excel in their operations. We promote professional development and uphold the highest standards of safety, environmental stewardship, and operational efficiency across the business aviation spectrum.

As the leading advocate for business aviation, we seek to raise awareness and enhance the understanding of this vital sector's significant economic contributions and societal benefits. By fostering a positive perception of business aviation, we aim to strengthen its position as a crucial driver of economic growth, job creation, and connectivity within Canada.

In all our endeavors, we prioritize transparency, integrity, and ethical conduct. We foster a sense of community and collaboration among our members, recognizing that we can achieve greater collective impact by uniting our diverse perspectives and expertise.

Through our unwavering commitment to the advancement of business aviation in Canada, the CBAA is dedicated to ensuring that our industry thrives, our members prosper, and that the benefits of business aviation are enjoyed by all Canadians.

Strategic Objectives

  • Achieve fair and equitable access for business aviation
  • Promote the growth and recognition of business aviation
  • Foster safe, secure and efficient business aviation
  • Provide valuable membership services
  • Maintain good governance

Interested in additional information?

Contact us directly at 613-236-5611 or membersupport@cbaa.ca