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Welcome to the 1st issue of CBAA Government & Regulatory Affairs Update. This new monthly update will feature our ongoing and completed advocacy initiatives in support of the Association and its members. You'll find summaries of these activities with relevant background information via links. Members may also seek additional information on request through This is also an opportunity for members to connect with the Association and raise points of interest or concerns in the Government & Regulatory Affairs area. 


Communications, Navigation, Surveillance/Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) – participation in this working group (WG) provides the Association and Canadian Air Navigation System users an opportunity to influence the development and delivery of an efficient and effective system. Recently, through discussions, Nav Canada recognized that ADS-B may be a deferrable item in an operator’s MEL. Nav Canada has now addressed this matter under the ADS-B Accommodation Policy, which will be applicable to CBAA member operators who have approved MELs (see here)


Canadian Performance-based Aviation Action Team (CPAAT) – The Action Team is a joint industry and Transport Canada collaborative group. As a member, the Association has an active voice in  developing CNS/ATM regulations and standards supporting Performance Based Navigation in Canada. In a recent meeting, NAV Canada announced a decision to remove the requirement for Oceanic Clearances as of March 2024. See the North Atlantic Operations and Airspace manual NAT Doc 007 (V.2024-1). 

Canadian Aviation Best Practices Working Group (CA BPWG) – as a member of the CA BPWG, the Association influences the development of best practices associated with Canadian air traffic management and flight operations to identify areas for maintaining and, where applicable, improving upon safe and efficient procedures. 

Canada's Aviation Climate Action Plan Task Force and Work Groups – through its participation and advocacy, Canada’s climate plan initiatives are influenced to ensure that the business aviation community priorities and challenges are recognized and addressed. The CBAA is currently contributing to the annual Aviation Climate Action Plan report. Specifically, the importance of Canada achieving its Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) targets and sharing how the Luxury Tax is affecting fleet renewal in the business aviation community. 


Approach Ban – Transport Canada (TC) has recently completed briefings on its current plans to introduce an Approach Ban. While industry participants agreed that the current scheme was overly complex and welcomed the planned simplification, many questions remain. Of specific concern to the Association concerning graphic area forecast (GFA). As briefed, the approach ban regulatory proposal would create a negative situation to airport accessibility where only GFA is available.  While other associations shared similar concerns, the CBAA provided TC with resolution options that are currently being considering. Further information will be shared in a future update. 


Transport Canada Regulatory Initiatives – To ensure that the membership is aware of key regulatory initiatives at TC, their impacts, and how the Association is advocating on their behalf, here is the CBAA’s Summary and preliminary Analysis of these initiatives.  This summary is maintained as initiatives proceed. 


Accessible Canada Act – Earlier this summer, this Association shared information about the Accessible Canada Act. The initial review indicated that this Act and regulations may have impacted certain member companies. The Association discussed with TC and the Canada Transportation Agency (CTA) to further understand the Act and its applicability. This also allowed sharing information about the CBAA and its members.  As a result, the CTA was able to provide clarifications that were shared in the Association’s Weekly Bulletin. Through this advocacy, we confirmed that there will be minimal impact, if any, on CBAA members. The CTA will also ensure that the CBAA is included as one of its key stakeholders when developing legislation and regulations.  


CBAAHazardsandTrendsReport- The 2023reportis now available under the Documents and the Link tabs on the CBAA Risk Management (RMS) site to help inform operator members on what could be included in their training programs, risk profile and safety plan.We wouldlike to hear comments on how to improve thisreport.Please provide comments to Ed Ratzlaff


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