Sponsors and General Information

Business aviation operations and manufacturing directly support 25,600 jobs across Canada.

Are you one of them? Join us at our Spring and Fall chapter meetings to connect with CBAA and the Canadian business aviation community.

Held in seven regions across Canada, CBAA's chapter meetings provide a unique opportunity for you to meet with CBAA's senior staff, catch up on our latest activities, network with your business aviation colleagues and promote your products and services. 

Find meeting information and register for regional chapter meetings on CBAA's Calendar of Events

2024 Sponsorship Opportunities

Elevate Your Reach as a Chapter Sponsor!

Join us and make the most of your involvement with CBAA Chapter meetings. These gatherings, held across seven regions in Canada, offer a unique chance to connect with CBAA's senior staff, stay updated on our latest activities, network with fellow business aviation professionals, and showcase your products and services.

Fall 2023 Chapter Sponsors

Atlantic Chapter

Chapter Champion
Jason Parker
Parkair Aviation 

Quebec Chapter

Chapter Champion
Christopher Brown 

Chapter Champion
Patrick Botter

Ontario Chapter

Chapter Champion
Shaan Bhanji
FlyEasy Corp.

Chapter Champion
Anthony Haries
NovaJet Aviation Group anthonyharies@novajet.ca

Central Canada Chapter

Chapter Champion
Dan Rutherford
Fast Air Ltd

Northern Alberta Chapter

Chapter Champion
Michael Stimac
Attune Aviation

Chapter Champion
Ben Wierenga
Thompson Aviation Inc.

Southern Alberta Chapter

Chapter Champion
Stacie Scott
North Cariboo Air
Chapter Champion
Vanessa Shalamar
Signature Flight Support

Pacific Chapter

Chapter Champion
Megan Simpson
London Air Services Limited
Chapter Champion
Suli Umar
London Air Services Limited