Partners in Safety Program – A suite of implementation and compliance tools including:

  • SMS designed for 604 operations
  • Downloadable Resources for operations of all sizes
  • Risk Management System (RMS) a tool available at no charge to operator members which is used to upload confidential data and create hazard registry and trend reports from pooled and de-identified data. This includes:
    • Online Training
    • Two Sample Operations Manuals (OM) including a QA audit manual and checklists
      • Small corporate operators
      • Owner-Operators

CBAA’s Member-only Forum

  • Including information, briefings, documentation and updates on regulations and exemptions available only for CBAA Members

CBAA’s Delegation

  • Fast and efficient processing of Initial Type Ratings
  • CBAA’s MEL Delegation

Access to CBAA Industry and Regulatory Experts

  • Flight Ops Leadership council meetings/calls to help deal directly with operation issues
  • CBAA Member WhatsApp group

Savings at CBAA’s Annual Convention

  • One complimentary full registration
  • Additional member-only discounts

Access to CBAA's Subject Matter Experts and Need to Know information

Complimentary Subscription

CBAA's Weekly E-news Bulletin
  • Industry specific news
  • Delivered to your inbox weekly

Invitations to CBAA's Cross-Canada meetings

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