Ensure you are in compliance with our expanded Partners-in-Safety Program

The CBAA has a simple and effective solution that can help you implement and remain compliant with your safety requirements, with a program that has been designed specifically to support Canadian business aviation operations.

In partnership with experts in this field, including Aerofoil Consulting, OBDS and TrainingPort.net, Partners-in-Safety offers: 

  • On-line CBAA Risk Management System (RMS): this easy to use tool is specifically designed to help corporate flight departments meet SMS requirements. Together with the sample CBAA Operations Manual, it is designed to meet all applicable SMS requirements.
  • CBAA RMS Training: TrainingPort.net is updating its SMS and is providing a CBAA RMS specific module. 
  • CBAA Sample Operations Manual (OM): two versions of this manual are available free of charge to meet the needs of small corporate operators and owner-operators. The manual has been reviewed by Transport Canada. Operators will need to edit and maintain these manuals to their specifications. Basic assistance with the CBAA Sample OM is available free of charge to CBAA members.
  • CBAA Template SMS: Including a template manual, forms, template reports and guidance material, which, if suitably customized may be fully compliant with the 604 regulations given i has been vetted by Transport Canada. This is available for a fee of $800.
  • Downloadable resources: in addition to the Sample Operations Manual for small operators, we have a variety of other downloadable resources, including a full-scale SMS Manual and Operations Manual for larger, more complex operators, and much more.

For more information on how the program could help your operations, and to sign up, please contact Lindsay Berndt, lberndt@cbaa.ca.


CBAA Member SMS, including templates and guidance materials, fully compliant with the 604 regulations and have been vetted by Transport Canada

Partners in Safety is part of the CBAA’s ongoing commitment to ensure that Canadian business aviation is recognized by Transport Canada and the world as a model sector for safety initiatives and best practices. 

The CBAA is indebted to the program sponsors, NAV CANADA and Bombardier Business Aircraft and to our program partners On Board Data Systems and Aerofoil Consulting.


Interested in additional information?

Contact us directly at 613-236-5611 or membersupport@cbaa.ca