Analyzing 59 separate positions, the survey provides a comprehensive overview of business aviation compensation practices that includes detailed salary/cash comparisons, as well as a thorough review of business aviation compensation practices, incentive plans and work conditions.  It also includes data on recruitment, turnover and retention practices. 

This is the CBAA’s third compensation survey, and the only one in Canada that specifically tracks business aviation as a separate sector. Sixty-two CBAA-member organizations participated, a 17 percent increase from the previous survey undertaken in 2019.  

Among other key findings, the 2022 survey reveals that people employed in corporate aviation receive higher salaries, and on average, 10% higher than Airlines/Charter firms and 15% higher than Maintenance/Manufacturing firms across comparable job families.

This confirms what we already suspected: While the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the aviation industry in several ways, there is evidence that its net effect included an increase in the industry’s compensation rates on average, due in part to changes in the size, experience level, and mix of positions that comprise the workforce.

Although business aviation may be a niche within the aviation sector, it is a lucrative one.   We are always looking to hire the best and are willing to compensate them accordingly.  


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