Update - Runway Rehabilitation Schedule for 05/23 at Toronto’s Pearson 

Dear CBAA Members,


Please see below message from CBAA Vice Chair Anthony Norejko:


I am pleased to report that we were informed at our first Technical Committee meeting with the GTAA and Nav Canada, that the runway rehabilitation schedule for 05/23 at Toronto’s Pearson will now conclude on or about May 16, 2017. This change in the construction schedule is a welcome update and we thank the GTAA and its partners for adjusting the timeline while accomplishing the rehabilitation on the runway.


Additional details were provided yesterday at the Nav Canada YYZ FIR AOCM Meeting. For your benefit, I’ve included some photo snapshots to ensure you’re informed HERE.


The CBAA Technical Committee will continue to work with the GTAA and Nav Canada to address the concerns related to the slot process for departure and arrival. In addition, we will focus our efforts on the viability of a slot program remaining in place for BA operations at Toronto Pearson beyond May 16 2017.


We appreciate your continued support and please keep us informed of any challenges you may experience.


Best regards,


Anthony Norejko

Vice Chair, CBAA