We believe that this appearance will not only help dispel myths about what business aviation is, but also explain how business aviation, a critical part of the air sector, can help rebuild the Canadian economy quickly, sustainably and safely . Our appearance will also update and expand on the recommendations we made to the committee in our August 2020 pre-budget submission that included the need for government to take actions that supports the entirety of the aviation community, including business aviation, airports, air navigation, etc., as the current model is unsustainable due to the impact of COVID-19 and to help kickstart Canada’s aerospace manufacturing economy by creating incentives to purchase or upgrade aircraft, equipment and avionics.

We are also seeking federal leadership to initiate a national testing strategy as a matter of urgency.  In our view, the failure of PHAC to implement this type of strategy is creating unnecessary barriers to the safe reopening of aviation and our economic recovery.