Canada’s business aviation community welcomes border reopening announcement

Ottawa, ON, July 19, 2021, Today’s federal announcement allowing fully vaccinated U.S. residents to enter Canada as of August 9 and other foreign visitors as of September 7 is welcome news for Canada’s economy and for its business aviation community.

Business aviation, which makes up all non-scheduled air service to and within Canada, including charter and corporate flights, has been central to keeping Canada functioning during COVID-19, delivering medical personnel and supplies (including vaccines) to communities across the country, many of which lost scheduled services during the pandemic, and supporting corporations as they continued to operate to keep goods and services flowing and Canadians employed. 

“Today’s announcement allows our operators to serve their clients and communities better,” said CBAA president and CEO Anthony Norejko. “As scheduled airlines adapt and ramp up to meet international travel demand, business aviation is already prepared to serve their passengers with safe, reliable and efficient services.”

The government is removing a number of barriers to international travel by fully vaccinated individuals, including the three-day hotel quarantine, and the requirement that all international flights land at only four airports.  As of August 9, international arrivals will be able to land at nine Canadian airports.  

“This is an important step in Canada’s economy recovery,” Mr. Norejko said “But, we still have more that needs to be done.  There are many airports in Canada that are set up to receive international business aviation flights. We hope to work with the government of Canada to allow international flights to land at all designated airports as quickly and as safely as possible.”

About 50,000 Canadians are employed directly and indirectly, by business aviation, which generates $12.1 billion dollars annually.  From the earliest days of the pandemic to the present day, business aviation played, and continues to play, an important role in keeping Canadians safe and connected and the economy growing.