As the next step in our work related to CRA’s new taxation policy on the personal use of aircraft, the CBAA will hold a series of conference calls with members and their legal and financial counsellors, during the month of March.  Our plan is to give members the opportunity to speak with our internal advisors and tax experts (who have been active on this file since its start) to work through the ramifications of this policy, answer questions and develop solutions.

Each call will have a maximum of 10 to 15 participants, to allow enough time for a good discussion.  The CBAA will hold as many of these calls as necessary to ensure that everyone who wishes to participate can do so.  

I have already heard from members face-to-face at our recent western Chapter meetings, and have a good sense of what some of your main issues and questions are.  We will continue to have face-to-face discussions at upcoming chapter meetings and other venues. However, this matter is urgent, and we believe conference calls are the best way to reach as many members in the shortest timeframe possible.

I want to assure you that the  publication of the new policy was only the start of our work.  It is essential you fully understand the implications and potential danger in this policy and so you can plan appropriately, and avoid negative impacts. These calls are the next step in our ongoing process.  CBAA will continue to work with you, as well as legal and financial experts, to find the best way forward.

Details on the calls will be sent to you shortly.  In the meanwhile, if you have any questions, please contact me at your convenience.