Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (January 18, 2017) --- The Canadian Business Aviation Association is very pleased to announce that long-time member and business aviation champion, Scott Macpherson, Founder and President of, has been appointed Chairman of the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) Governing Board.  Scott has been on the IBAC Board since 2014 as its Vice-Chairman.


A pilot and manager in corporate aviation for over 25 years, Scott was named as the CBAA’s representative to IBAC in 2012 after serving on a number of CBAA committees and on the CBAA board.


“Since its establishment in 1981, IBAC has become an official observer at the International Civil Aviation organization (ICAO), influencing decisions affecting business aircraft operators and their supporting services worldwide,” Scott said. “The challenges continue, with IBAC and its member associations steadily educating governments worldwide on the importance and diversity of the economic multiplier that is business aviation.  In the coming years, a greater voice will be found in welcoming new national and regional associations from around the world, supporting each other regionally and through the joint efforts of IBAC’s team to communicate the policy and infrastructure means by which business aviation can facilitate growth and employment.”


 The CBAA was a charter member of the IBAC and has contributed to its growth and development for  more than 36 years. 


CBAA President and CEO Rudy Toering, who has worked with Scott for a number of years, was pleased to hear about the appointment.  “I have had the pleasure to sit at many IBAC meetings with Scott, and I know that he will do us all proud. Scott’s commitment to IBAC is exemplary and he has always represented the CBAA with his very professional manner.”


Scott led his flight department to be the first in the world to adopt the IS-BAO (International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations).  Through his involvement with IS-BAO since its inception, Scott became aware that the industry required a comprehensive, one-stop shop for online operational business aviation safety training. To fill this gap, he created, which went online at the 2006 US NBAA convention. Today, consolidates over 75 unique business aviation-related topics for all personnel in fixed- and rotary-wing operations.


“It is an honour to represent the CBAA as Chairman of the IBAC Governing Board and to work with the IBAC Directorate and its Director General, Kurt Edwards, to help IBAC achieve the aims of the member associations, with the result that business aviation has a greater global influence and freedom to power economic growth,” Scott stated.


IBAC represents the interests of business aviation worldwide.  IBAC is a non-profit international trade association with permanent observer status at the International Civil Aviation Organization, the UN Specialized Agency for aviation matters, in Montreal, Canada.


The CBAA, with approximately 400 member companies and organizations, including operators, management companies and suppliers, has represented the entire business aviation community with a unified and collective voice since 1961, and as a member of IBAC, supports the international BA community.


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