CBAA  advises you to complete training before the June 1, 2016 deadline

To our CBAA members, a very big thank you for your trust and patience concerning CAR 604 regulation adjustments required to be scalable to the size of our operations. We have been working very respectfully and patiently with Transport Canada. The June 1st deadline for the CAR 604 exemption is looming and we now need to have the extension to the exemption officially in place.

The CBAA has no doubt that TC will provide us the time needed to evaluate and understand the yet to be delivered guidance material and that an extension to our exemption will be provided. In the meantime please continue to operate as you have and are doing and train to proficiency.

We encourage you all to complete your training prior to June 1st.  Given that the training to proficiency certification is valid for two years, this will increase the chances that your training to proficiency program is not interrupted by any delays in implementing the new program.