CBAA Board Positions Opened for 2018-2019

Over the next year, we will need to fill four Operator member positons on the Board.  As the association continues to grow and evolve, we are pleased to invite members to apply for a two-year term position as Director of the Board, CBAA, beginning in June 2018. 

The Board typically meets for two one-day meetings a year at various locations across the country, and at the Annual General Meeting, which is held in conjunction with the Annual Convention and Exhibit.  This is a volunteer position, and expenses relating to the function as a Director are borne by the member company. 

Each Board member is expected to become an active participant in a body that functions effectively as a whole.  In addition to assisting in the exercise of the major duties of the Board, members must use due diligence, loyalty and care in the performance of their duties.

To put your name forward, please send your resume or bio to Aime O’Connor, Executive Assistant & Director of Administration,  Please note that applications will be reviewed and only select candidates will be contacted.