CBAA 2017 Speaker Presentations

Transport Canada Update - D.Guindon, Transport Canada
NAV Canada Update - R. Kellar, NAV Canada
Assessing Traning Needs - S. Macpherson, 
Dealing with Unruly Passengers - M.Mentink, ICFS Altitude
Intro to CBAA Risk Management System - E. Ratzlaff, Aerofoil
CBAA RMS Live Demo - E. Ratzlaff, Aerofoil
Expectation Bias - Dr. A. Cortes, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Unconventional Risk - S. Cash, the Talus Group
Using Technology to Increase Efficiency - D. Purvis, Rockwell Collins
ATC Modernization, A Global Perspective - J. Hennig, GAMA
Hot Topics Prt.1 - E. Ratzlaff, Aerofoil
Hot Topics Prt. 2 - E. Ratzlaff, Aerofoil
Using Data to Manage Costs - E. Gray, World Fuel
Economic Impact of Business Aviation - D. Mak, InterVISTAS
Compensation Survey Trends - G. Evans, Wynford Group