Safety Award


The CBAA National Safety Awards Program was inaugurated in 1981 to recognize outstanding achievements by members in maintaining a high standard of professionalism and safety in their business aircraft operations.

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    Pilot Safety Award - Application Form

    1. Awards will be granted to pilots of CBAA member companies who have completed 1,500 or more consecutive accident-free hours flown while in command of business aircraft. Successive awards will be made at 1,500 hour intervals.
    2. Co-pilots may submit all the time they are actually at the controls, or one-half of their flying time when approved by the Chief Pilot.
    3. Those pilots who have dual qualifications may elect to count their helicopter time toward the Fixed Wing Pilot Award but any hours claimed may not be counted twice.
    4. Flight time which can be substantiated by certified flight logs and/or company records should be used in calculations.

    Company Safety Award - Application Form

    1. This award is granted to CBAA member companies which have completed 1,500 or more accident-free consecutive hours flown in the operation of business aircraft. Successive rewards will be made at 1,500 hour intervals.
    2. Flying time for all pilots, no matter how great or small, can be counted towards the Company Awards.