Honorary Lifetime Membership Award


To recognize an individual who has made a significant contribution to the Canadian Business Aviation Association (CBAA). Nominations for this Award is decided with the Nominations Committee and Board of Directors.


  • Candidates must have made a significant contribution to CBAA.
  • Candidates must be retired from the CBAA member company for which they worked during the time of significant contribution.
Past Recipients

Year    Award Recipient   Location
 2002  Ed Paul  Montreal
 2003  Hal O'Keefe  Calgary
 2004  George Hansen and Fred W. Hotson  Toronto
 2005  JD Lyon  Vancouver
 2006  Dennis Green  Montreal
 2007  Rae Audette  Calgary
 2008  Not Awarded  Toronto
 2009  Victor Bennett and Russell Payson  Montreal
 2010  Ed Jordan and Gregory Montgomery  Calgary
 2011  Ron Chafe  Calgary
 2012  Not Awarded  Toronto
 2013  Not Awarded  Vancouver
 2014  Gary Banks  Edmonton
 2015  Bill Clark  Montreal
 2016  W, Frank Burke  Calgary
 2017  Doug Thierman  Abbotsford
 2018  Not Awarded  Waterloo
 2019  Gordon Berturelli  Calgary