Award of Merit -Nomination form


The Canadian Business Aviation Association (CBAA) Award of Merit is granted to a person, company or group in recognition of an outstanding contribution to aviation.


May 1, 2020

Terms of Reference

  • The recipient need not be a member of CBAA.
  • The nomination must be made in writing with details covering the event or situation and rationale behind the nomination.
  • All nominations must be proposed and seconded by Association members in good standing at the time they are submitted.
  • The recipient will receive a commemorative memento from CBAA.

There were no nominees for the 2016,2017 and 2018 Award of Merit

Past Recepients

Year Award Recipients  Location 
 2002  Dennis Green and JD Lyon Montreal 
 2003 Bold  Calgary 
 2004  Chevron Canada Resources, Robert Martin & Frank Staskow  Toronto
 2005  John McNamara and Gerry Smith  Vancouver
 2006  Neil Mckay and John Maris  Montreal 
 2007  Ray Rohr and Robert Seaman  Calgary
 2008 Dennis Goll  Toronto 
 2009  Scot Harrold Montreal 
 2010  Bill Spencer  Calgary 
 2011  Mark Lapointe and Doug Thierman Calgary 
 2012  Not Awarded  Toronto 
 2013  Dayle Conlin Vancouver 
 2014  James McIntyre Edmonton 
 2015  Peter Ingleton  Montreal