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Pratt & Whitney Canada used the services and expertise of the CBAA to align our manuals and procedures prior to our schedule Transport Canada CAR 604 audit. The CBAA pre audit check list and the CBAA SMS RMS software allowed us to file, track and compare safety trends against the industry and create our yearly safety goal in line with the CAR.Needless to say the audit went very well thanks to the cooperation and training received from the CBAA.
Marc Kirner Fellow and Director
Flight Operations
Pratt & Whitney Canada

Few years ago, as a director of flight operations, I had an opportunity to change from 705 to 604 operations.At the time, I was not fully aware of the CBAA, but I did realize rapidly the potential and the support the organization provides to their members. Every time I contact the CBAA, I had an excellent support and access to knowledgeable individuals who were very helpful.One of the biggest challenges was the implementation of an SMS system. The CBAA templates were used and customized for our operation. In the process, the team realizes that the document was complete, having all the CARS requirements incorporated. I t also helped demystify the SMS in most aspects.Last year, the organization had three different corporate audits and one Transport Canada targeted inspection, all went very well.I would like to thank you and our team, for the support provided.
A multi aircraft 604 operation.
*Company names are shared only with express permission. The CBAA respects the confidentiality and privacy of all of its members and values the opportunity to work on their behalf*

CBAA has been a key player in providing feedback to Transport Canada in the development of the new Flight and Duty Times regulations. Their representations to Transport Canada not to include CAR 604 operations in this new regulation were a decisive and crucial factor in preserving the distinctiveness of a private operation and enabling all private operators and aircraft companies in management to continue their activities. In addition, CBAA's Flight and Duty Time working group were able to argue and present a case that the exclusion of the medical evacuation operations from the new Flight and Duty Times rules is required to remain competitive in the market.
Simon Roussel,
Director, Flight Operations
Skyservice Business Aviation Inc.

CBAA has been a great help this year for our flight dept with 2 PORD changes and SMS audits. Merlin Preuss has been a big help with technical knowledge and providing names for consulting. CBAA continues to provide the expertise and information required for todays sophisticated and challenging world of Private operator flight depts in Canada.
Bob Johnson
Chief Pilot and Ops Manager
Irving Air Service

As aviation professionals,we have come to depend on CBAA as a vital partner in our operations. Their attention to details and regulations has enabled us to navigate the complexities of business aviation operations in Canada. We highly value the sense of community that our CBAA membership provides us and strongly encourage other operators to join.
Matthew Johnson
Operations Manager
Fast Air Executive AviationServices

I have been a loyal member of CBAA for 13 years. Our flight department is a single private jet operation. During this period Transport Canada has changed the CARS numerous times without consultations or frankly good reason.They have introduced regulations that are contrary to efficient operations and to implement have been very costly. CBAA has been instrumental in addressing the operators concerns and have in multiple instances resolved the problem. For example without CBAA’s involvement flights into Toronto for private operators would have been essentially impossible.The staff at CBAA are superb to work with and always come to the forefront to resolve ones issue.We can only have a voice by strength in numbers. CBAA is that vehicle and needs all of us to support and back them to insure our say in business flight operations in Canada. Sitting back and accepting others to do the heavy lifting is not fair.I highly recommend membership and involvement. You will not be disappointed.
Ian Struthers
Aviation Manager & Chief Pilot
Air 700 Ltd.