Instrument Rating Renewal (IRR) - New Process

New information regarding IRR renewals:

  1. Pilots operating under a Temporary Private Operators Certificate (TPOC) are required to complete annual training. Successful completion of this training normally meets the requirements for Instrument Rating Renewal (IRR). Since instrument ratings for these pilots are valid for two years, there is no requirement to renew after each annual training session.
  2. Should pilots choose to renew on an annual basis through the CBAA, the CBAA will review and submit the application to TC, but no IRR temporary certificate will be issued. This will allow the current instrument rating to be valid until it expires or until the Transport Canada renewal is received; thereby, avoiding the possibility of voiding the instrument rating in the 90 day temporary IRR validity period.
  3. As always, if the applicant is submitting their application to the CBAA because their current IRR is expiring in the near term, temporary certificates will be issued and the application forwarded to TC to provide the permanent renewal document.

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Click here for IFR and Type Rating Renewal Forms.


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