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Jun 2014

Dear Members,


We have recently enjoyed a high level of cooperation and have worked through a number of issues in the proposed  604 regulations with both the Minister's office and Transport Canada.  We believe we have made significant progress in ensuring both the Minister's office and the department now understand that business aviation's exceptional safety record must be a factor in determining the right regulatory environment. Our understanding is that not all of our agreed-to changes will be in the new regulations available below because of the short publishing time frame.  As a short term measure, we understand that these changes  will be addressed directly with exemptions and guidance documentation  so that our operators can continue to manage their business during this important transition.

May 2014

In April 2014, Mexico issued a new regulation, named “General Ruling for the Allowance and Entrance of Foreign Aircraft for Air Private Transport”, which took effect May 20th.  The CBAA is working with IBAC to clarify how this will impact business flights into Mexico.

May 2014

Dear Colleagues:

I am extremely pleased to share with you that our joint working group meeting with Transport Canada this week has resulted in a successful way forward on some of the main issues in our 604 submission. Our meeting was held, on suggestion of Martin Eley, at the CBAA offices in Ottawa. Below are the highlights of this meeting. Next week I will follow this up with some additional detail.

May 2014

Dear Members,

The CBAA is presently exploring the possibility of partnering with an insurance broker in order to develop an aviation insurance program specifically designed for our members. The intent is to provide a broad and competitive insurance solution dedicated to the CBAA members carrying business aviation insurance.

May 2014

Unfair taxation is a priority for CBAA. The CBAA has written the Ontario premier and her opposition counterparts to dissuade them from increasing aviation fuel taxes, regardless of which party forms the government. On the federal front, CBAA continues its fight to overturn the Canada Revenue Agency misinterpretation of the ruling on HST for charter flights.

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